Knowing the difference between being of service and being a servant is vital for the wellbeing of a healer. It may sound like I am splitting hairs but the difference between providing someone with a service and becoming their servant is personal freedom. Recently I was giving a reading to someone who is an executive coach, companies send people to her so that she can help them become more effective in their jobs and better leaders. She is good at what she does and enjoys it because it affords her the opportunity to help people and that is what she is driven to do, in other words, she is a healer. She had someone referred to her recently who’s manipulative ways had become a problem in her company. Right away, true to form, she tried to position my client, the coach, into the role of servant, that way she could be in control of the relationship. My client recognized what the woman was doing and nipped it in the bud. Had she allowed the woman to set the terms of their relationship she would not have been able to provide the service she was being paid for. When you allow someone to put you in the servant role you end up trying to meet their expectations and become dependent on them for validation.

It is easy for someone who is a giver, or a healer, to slip into the servant role without realizing it. Wanting to be of service to someone means becoming sensitive to their needs and problems, it is a space of some vulnerability. With some people your openness to learn and willingness to help encourages them to trust that they can open up to you and there develops a deeply honest level of communication which allows healing to occur. But with someone who’s “modus operandi” is to find a way of taking advantage of others, they will seize on your openness and willingness and exploit it. Such a person may claim that they want to make change but it is the healer’s responsibility to their modality and themselves to decide whether that person has the honesty and commitment necessary to fully participate in the process.

In our Meditation 2 class we introduce the concept that there is a difference between healing and problem solving, and that you may be able to help someone solve their problem but you can’t solve it for them. This lesson continues in the Intuitive Training Program 1 class where you learn that all healing is, at root, self-healing, and that you can’t heal someone who does not want to be healed. As you progress in the Intuitive Training Program 3 and 4 you refine your ability to discern the truth and learn to trust in your awareness so that you are able to assess whether someone is truly aligned with what they are telling you. This discernment of truth is clairvoyance and it is the way to greater personal freedom.