Jennifer Toll

I’ve been lucky enough to have been read by Anne for the last 16 years. My relationship with her has been the one true “north star” that keeps me on my path and validates my journey. She has seen me though all of my milestones in life-motherhood, divorce, death, and finally re-marriage. I am grateful […]


Knowing the difference between being of service and being a servant is vital for the wellbeing of a healer. It may sound like I am splitting hairs but the difference between providing someone with a service and becoming their servant is personal freedom. Recently I was giving a reading to someone who is an executive […]


Some observers like to divide people up into different groups, like liberal and conservative for example, but these labels just reduce individuals to types and do nothing to help us understand each other. We human beings are much too multifaceted and unpredictable to be defined this way. A clairvoyant reader is a different kind of […]


We are made free by our mastery of what is necessary for our growth. There have been moments in my life when I realized there was something I needed to do and, if I acted on it, I always experienced a feeling of release. I was liberated from an existence limited by fear and began […]


Some time ago I was teaching a class on how to read past lives. I had set the students up into groups of three, two reading one. I noticed one student, Terry, seemed to be struggling, so I went up to him and asked him what he was seeing. “Nothing.” he replied angrily. Undeterred, I […]


So much of what you see depends on the position you are looking from, for example when I look at Mt. Diablo from the parking lot at Intuitive Way it is a different looking mountain from the one I see from my home. So there is your physical position but there is also your psychological […]


If you think you are weird, the truth is you have been invalidated. A person will label someone else weird if that person does not fit into their version of normality. According to some people intuitive abilities are not normal, so anyone who has them or shows an interest in them must, by their logic, […]


“There is no private salvation; exchange with the other is the door to the final awareness of the unity of all in the love which is the dance of creation.” – Helen. M. Luke. The truth of Helen Luke’s statement is born out in the group dynamic of many spiritual organizations, especially Alcoholics Anonymous. What […]


Don’t allow the limits of others to become your own. To some people “ the world is absolutely clear because they cannot understand that our personal point of view colors what we perceive; they think everything seems exactly the same to everyone as it does to themselves. After all, they say, the world is utterly […]


Someone who comes to Intuitive Way for a reading, a healing or a class is often in the grips of a dilemma. They are trying to make a choice about the direction of their life, and the choice appears to be an either/or proposition. It is often expressed as a choice between wanting to live […]