If you think you are weird, the truth is you have been invalidated. A person will label someone else weird if that person does not fit into their version of normality. According to some people intuitive abilities are not normal, so anyone who has them or shows an interest in them must, by their logic, be weird.

At Intuitive Way we work from the understanding that we are all intuitive, it is part of being human. We all sense, feel, hear, see and know not only through our physical senses but also through our spiritual senses. What we experience through our spiritual senses cannot be explained in physical terms, but that does not make it unreal. I have met many people who shared with me stories of their intuitive experiences which they rarely if ever spoke of for fear of being thought of as weird.

Recently a woman came in for a reading who’s young son was being troubled by some “angry energy in his head”. It was making their communication with each other difficult, with the mother finding herself become as angry as her son. The reader saw the energy coming from a troubled spirit connected to the boy’s father’s family. The reading validated what the woman already intuitively knew and gave her a way of helping her son gain power over this troubling energy. To have reacted to the boy out of fear and told him that what he was experiencing was not real would have caused him to doubt himself and make it very difficult for him to talk about and handle such an experience in the future.

I have a favorite verse from the book of Proverbs which I think very succinctly expresses the heart of our work at Intuitive Way. “ Lay aside immaturity and live, and walk in the way of insight.” Over the years I have seen many people come for a reading or our classes because they are answering this call. They want to grow up, by that I mean that they want to raise their energy so they can experience the awareness in the upper chakras. They want to experience insight. Their life is demanding of them that they free themselves from perspectives that obscure truth rather than reveal it. They are no longer willing to go along with consensus view of what is real and true. They are only going to be satisfied with a direct experience of truth, which means they are looking for a way to incorporate their intuition into their life. To me these are all signs of a person who is growing up.

As they embark upon this personal spiritual journey they are often met with resistance from those who are unable to understand why they are doing it or where they are going. Their resistance comes out of fear, fear of growth and change, and it is often expressed in comments such as “You’re weird!” So if you have heard that recently take it as a validation that you are “walking in the way of insight” and growing into the maturity it leads to, and consider taking one of our classes where you will meet others on this journey. You will find there are a lot of people who can validate your experience, and that is a powerful healing.