So much of what you see depends on the position you are looking from, for example when I look at Mt. Diablo from the parking lot at Intuitive Way it is a different looking mountain from the one I see from my home. So there is your physical position but there is also your psychological or social position, as in the different roles you play in your life. When you are being a parent you see things in a certain way, from a parents perspective, whereas when you are being a customer you see things from the perspective of a customer. You occupy a variety of positions during your day, but there are some you tend to identify with more than others and which become your reality. In your thinking you are Joe’s spouse, a Marine, a waitress, like a good actor you have become the part. Then change happens, Joe dies, you retire, your kids leave home and you are faced with an identity crisis, who are you now?

Adapting to change is part of life which, I believe, is made easier by developing your intuition. Here’s why: part of learning to read people is getting yourself ready. This involves detaching from the roles, or positions, you have been occupying and feeing your awareness from the limitations inherent in those positions. By running energy you cultivate an expansive awareness that allows you to see the other person clearly without the filters and biases which are a part of your various roles. This stepping out of the roles you play gives you an experience of your larger, spiritual self, which is always in a process of learning and growing, and is not in any way defined by the roles that you are temporarily playing.

I once met a salesman who was also a poker player. For a moment he became interested in our Intuitive Training Program because he thought being able to read people would give him an advantage at the poker tables. Once I explained that was not what it was about, he lost interest. He had so completely identified with the salesman-gambler role his only interest was short term gain, it defined how he looked at people and situations and consequently how he acted in the world.

Reading people is not about taking advantage of them, it is about coming to greater understanding of who they are. This is achieved by being aware of yourself as you read so that you can recognize when you are “lit up”, or affected, by what you are seeing. Being ”lit up”means that momentarily you lose that expansive, neutral awareness and you find yourself being in resistance or judgement . It is an unconscious reaction, one you do not have any conscious control over until you become aware of it. Then your awareness acts like the bomb squad, it disarms the trigger in your unconscious mind and you are healed. Reading people is a journey of self-healing. It is a process of knowing yourself and others free from the temporary positions we take in our lives and seeing the deeper, underlying reality of spirit. It is this reconnecting to the ground of your being which enables you shift your position and adapt to change when you need to without it having to be a major identity crisis, and it is the focus of all of our training at Intuitive Way. If you feel drawn to explore your intuition, enroll in one of our classes, you will be amazed at what an impact developing your intuition has on your life.