Some time ago I was teaching a class on how to read past lives. I had set the students up into groups of three, two reading one. I noticed one student, Terry, seemed to be struggling, so I went up to him and asked him what he was seeing. “Nothing.” he replied angrily. Undeterred, I asked him what color was it. There was a pause during which I could hear him think “ What a stupid question!” Then, grudgingly, he said “Brown……it’s a dusty brown…. in fact there is all this dust being kicked up by horses.” Now he was getting on a roll. “ There is a battle going on and the warriors are fighting on horseback.” The woman reading with him chimed in “And they’re wearing these round helmets trimmed with fur.” Terry opened his eyes, turned to her and said, “You’re seeing this too?” That was the last time I heard Terry say he saw nothing in a reading.

What you learn through reading practice is to trust what you see and just talk about it. As you do this you start to gain certainty in your intuitive reading ability and this then enables you to see more. The stronger your certainty becomes the more clearly you can see. You just have to get beyond the thought “I am not seeing anything.” This is the reaction of your analytical mind struggling to come to terms with a new experience. To the analytical mind seeing clairvoyantly makes no sense, therefore it can’t be happening. The only way to overcome the rational mind’s “veto” of your intuitive experience is to keep practicing and experience the kind of validation that Terry did, someone else seeing what you are seeing, or vice versa. That is the way you dispel the doubts that limit your awareness.

We are not born with doubt, it is something we learn from being around people who are unable or unwilling to allow others to see things differently. Folks like this will always invalidate anyone who disagrees with them. Rather than welcome the challenge of a different perspective they feel compelled to try to eradicate it. This kind of intellectual and emotional aggression can overwhelm a sensitive person and cause them to doubt themselves.

Learning to read energy and see clearly involves clearing these invalidating energies out of one’s space and replacing the doubt they caused with certainty. This kind of certainty enables you to overcome the fear of seeing things differently, and it enables you to appreciate other peoples perspectives too. We do not need to agree with each other all the time, we need to respect each other.