Some observers like to divide people up into different groups, like liberal and conservative for example, but these labels just reduce individuals to types and do nothing to help us understand each other. We human beings are much too multifaceted and unpredictable to be defined this way. A clairvoyant reader is a different kind of observer who looks at each person as a unique individual. A reader will look at the energies in a person’s space to come to an understanding of where they are on their spiritual journey and how that relates to what they are experiencing in their life now. Part of the reading that we offer at Intuitive Way is the chakra reading. We look at a person’s chakras and read a percentage from 0-100%. This will tell us how much of that particular energy/information they are accessing at this time. So, for example, if the reading of the first chakra is high that means they are in survival mode. When you are in that state most of your attention is focused on what will make you feel safe and secure, and you will put all your dreams for the future on the back burner. In other words you are engaged in short-term thinking. While this is necessary when your physical survival is threatened, there are other times when your physical survival is not actually under threat and “being in survival” is a problem. It is stressful, dulls your creativity and makes you vulnerable to those posing as “saviors” who are happy to make decisions for you.

If you look at the world through the lens of the news media you will see a never-ending stream of crises and disasters which is frightening and makes you feel unsafe. The result is that a lot of us are in survival mode 24/7 without really knowing it. This leads us to making decisions which, from a long-term perspective, are often foolish and short-sighted. The amount and kinds of energy in your space will have a direct effect on your thinking, if you have a lot of people’s survival energy running through your space, you will think in a certain way, when you clear that energy out of your space, your thinking will reflect that. In our classes we teach people how to ground themselves and run earth and cosmic energy through their energy system. This helps bring your body out of survival mode and your mind out of short-term thinking mode, so that you can start to experience a more expansive form of awareness and focus your attention on your dreams and the kind of future you want to create.