We believe that it is through the exploration and development of your intuitive abilities that you, the spirit, become increasingly free to express yourself through your body, and that it is through this practice that you are able to illuminate your own unique journey.

Our goals are to help each person:

  • expand, clarify and trust their intuitive awareness.
  • expand their personal space and freedom.
  • develop their personal power and creativity.
  • cultivate integration of body mind and spirit.
  •  have fun and explore their own space
  • experience their own version of the truth.
Renee Outlaw

Renee Outlaw

Hello my name is Renee Outlaw, Im the director of Intuitive Way. Welcome! I am a Bay Area native. Growing up I spent most of my time outdoors water skiing, wake boarding, swimming and hiking. I became a competitive gymnast and from that transitioned to competitive cheerleading. Through this experience I became fascinated with the capability of the human body, and this led me to an over 10 year career as a CMT/body worker, which I continue today.

As a child I was always very aware of the energies around me and found it completely natural to communicate with animals, and engage with my imagination. However as I grew older I found it increasingly difficult to manage my sensitivity in the world. I explored a number of self-healing modalities which eventually led me to Intuitive Way. Sitting in my first Meditation class I realized I had found what I had been looking for, validation for my sensitivity and tools to help me have it in the world.

The past 8 years of meditating, reading and healing and being part of a community based on these spiritual practices has brought me to this opportunity of taking over the ownership of Intuitive Way. I have found my passion in teaching others how to get in touch with and develop their own intuitive abilities and to use them to find their own truth. And I balance this with being outside, playing sports and exploring the beauty of the Bay Area with friends and family.

I took over as Director in October 2020. A two year process that is still evolving. Intuitive Way was established by Anne and David Pearce in the 90's. They each have 40 years experience of being psychic teachers, readers and directors of clairvoyant schools. They're starting point was at at BPI in Berkley, training with Lewis Bostwik and others. I am excited to continue to hold this space and carry on this work to teach and show others they too can have personal space, goals, and their own version of the truth.