Saturday Class in November -The Hormonal Body (women’s class)

with Anne Pearce Saturdays, 10a- 12p (PST) November 6th – 27th The Hormonal Body In these 4 weeks in November I will bring spiritual or psychic awareness to the hormonal body, focusing on the incredible changes we go through as pre or menopausal women.  For decades I have read, taught and healed women as well […]

Intuitive Training Program Part 2

Wednesday, November 3rd-24th, 7:30-9:30pm (Pacific Time)         Meditations on the chakras, the outer layers of the aura and your intuitive abilities. 5th Chakra: the ability to hear the communication of spirit. Themes: spirit guides, their roles and value, seniority, mental telepathy. 6th Chakra: the ability to see clearly. Themes: neutrality, certainty, truth. 7th Chakra: […]

Intuitive Training Program Part 1

Wednesday, November 3rd-24th from 7:30pm-9:30pm. (Pacific Time) we hope this class will soon be offered both on zoom and in person. For now, only zoom. Meditations on the layers of the aura, the chakras, boundaries, your ability to create change and owning your intuitive abilities. 1st Chakra: the ability to connect to your body’s natural strength […]

Intuitive Meditation 2

Wednesday, December 1st-22nd, 7:30pm-9:30pm (pacific) In this class you focus on how to become a more conscious and dynamic creator in your life. You will learn how to cultivate a neutral level of awareness, i.e. non- attachment and non-resistance, and free yourself from those energies that interfere with you imagining the life you want to […]

Intuitive Meditation 1

Wednesday, November 3rd-24th, 7:30-9:30pm (Pacific Time)              The goal of this class is self-awareness, cultivating an internal awareness of self which helps you live more consciously and more authentically. You will learn how to ground yourself, disengage your attention from the outer world and re-direct it inwardly. Through meditation you […]