Online Intuitive Women’s Program

Second and Fourth Tuesday, 7pm-8:30pm. An ongoing program offering a sanctuary for intuitive women to get together for healing and meditations focusing on supporting you on your life journey. Open to all women who have completed an intuitive/clairvoyant program. The first Monday is an online healing clinic for the participants of the program.

Wise Woman’s Healing Program

** on hiatus for 2020. Wise Woman: a woman versed in charms, conjuring and fortune telling. The Wise Women’s Program creates the space to explore your individual journey as a spirit in a female body. Topics include female creative energy, female grounding, hormones, sexuality combined with healing, pampering and creative play. The Program Curriculum Covers: […]

Intuitive Touch Healing Program

This program is open to ITP graduates who are interested in learning this unique healing method. The program involves a monthly class and participation in a monthly Healing Clinic and Spirit Body Connection Reading. For more information contact Sue Arlen at [email protected] or call 925 325 0330.

One to One Program

A journey of personal exploration and healing. Bring yourself into a deeper trance, free your spiritual attention from your body and move it through time and space. Accessing both soul memory and the Akashic records uncover limiting karmic patterns and controlling energies and free yourself from them.

Graduate Program

For graduates of the ITP. As well as providing an introduction to more advanced training offered in the Wise Women’s Healing Program, Intuitive Touch Healing Program, One to One Program and the Trance Medium Program you learn how to own your abilities out in the world, heal with a psychic surgeon, and do deprogramming.

Intuitive Training Program Part 4

As you grow in certainty as a reader, your awareness expands and you can explore elements of your spiritual reality like karma, the Akashic Records, kundalini energy, and the astral body. As you become more capable as a reader you are able to free yourself from karmic influences and underlying control energies that you become […]

Intuitive Training Program Part 3

In ITP3 you focus on exploring your clairvoyance, your ability to read energy. You learn how to enter into a light trance, and using your 6th chakra, look at the aura, past lives, mental image pictures and spirit guides. Through guided practice you cultivate intuitive skills such as: matching and un-matching, neutrality, certainty, and seniority. […]