Intuitive Training Program Part 1

4 Weeks - $175

Wednesday, May 4th-25th- 7:30pm-9:30pm. (Pacific Time)

In the 4 week class we will explore what it means to be a healer, giver, problem solver or empath.

All healing at its root, is self healing. As a magnetic caring person we tend to give alot of our energy away, leaving little space as individuals to heal and grow. Throughout these 4 weeks you will learn to recognize your natural ability to create change, or healing and wellness.  Learn about boundaries, how to separate from others emotions by giving and receiving. You will learn to let go of responsibilities not of your own, to carve your own path and take these tools with you in your daily life. Keeping your lifeforce and balancing your personal universe.

Topics include 

What is healing?

The Energy body 

(chakras, auras, meridians)

Healing masters 

Boundaries and emotions 

Giving and receiving 

Space Invaders

We will be saying Hello to the chakras and corresponding layer of the aura

  • 1st Chakra: the ability to connect to your body’s natural strength and wisdom.  Themes: persistence, wellness, ancestry, male/female energies.
    • 1st Layer of the Aura- How you use your survival information in this body. Body’s wisdom.
  • 2nd Chakra: the ability to feel what others are feeling, and the energies in your environment.  Themes: discernment, neutrality to emotions, feeling and choice.
    • 2nd Layer of the Aura- How you use or express your emotions in your body and life.
  • 3rd Chakra: the ability to direct your energy to accomplish goals and fulfill purpose.  Themes: personal power, healing the effects of energy bullies, controllers and competition.
    • 3rd Layer of the Aura – How you distribute your energy- how you use your energy in the world.
  • 4th chakra: the communication between you the spirit and your body. Themes: self-image, affinity, attraction.
    • 4th Layer of the Aura- Affinity for yourself and others.
  • Prerequisite: Intuitive Meditation1 & 2