** Most readings currently being held on Zoom. We are starting to some in house readings. Please email us if you have further questions or to set up your appointment**

Aura Readings.

These readings are done by the students and graduates of the Intuitive training Program. They provide a comprehensive overview of your spiritual energy system, the aura and chakras. They give insight into spiritual influences, such as spirit guides, past lives, present life relationships and how they all relate to your spiritual journey.

90 minutes. Fee $50

Please email us to Schedule an Appointment

Women’s Readings.

These readings are focused on the spiritual energy system unique to having a female body. The readings are given by women who are ITP graduates and who are currently in or have graduated from the Wise Women’s Healing Program.

90 minutes.Fee $55.

Please email us to Schedule an Appointment

Spirit Body Connection Readings.

The focus of this reading is looking at where your “spiritual genetics”, the part of your spiritual essence that you bring with you into this body, connects into the physical genetic structure you inherit at birth, and how you can function at your optimum level of wellness within that structure. These readings are given by the students and graduates of the Intuitive Touch Healing Program.

60 minutes. $55.

Please email us to Schedule an Appointment

Professional Readings.

Renee Outlaw is the New Director of Intuitive Way. She was trained by David and Anne among other teachers through out the last 10 years at Intuitive way. Renee has found through reading and teaching that everyone has abilities and deserves to been seen for more than who they are being in this body. You can reach Renee at [email protected]      

David and Anne have been giving readings over 35 years. Their readings have given thousands of people around the world insight into and validation for their journey as a soul through this lifetime  You can reach them at [email protected]                                                                All readings can address any question whether it be concerned with relationship, career, or life path.

60 minutes $175. 

30 minutes $100.

Relationship Readings: these readings done with David and Anne looking at a couple, as individuals and then the relationship space they share. $200.

Please email us to Schedule an Appointment

Healing Clinics
Spiritual Healing Clinic
Saturdays, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
Free (currently on hold ’till further notice)

Women’s Healing Night-                                                                                       2nd Mondays, 7:30 PM
Free- by appointment

Extended Women’s Healing night–                                                                        4th Monday-7:30                                                                                                         $20- By appointment                                       

Mens Healing Night.                                                                                                 3rd Friday, 7:30 PM-                                                                                               FREE by appointment

Trance Medium Healing Clinics
1st Friday 2nd Friday Women’s.- Fee $45                                                                            7:30 PM – Free by appointment
4th Friday, 7:30 PM, by Appointment – Fee $45

Intuitive Touch Healing Clinic
1st Saturday, 2:00 PM, by Appointment – Fee $20
3rd Monday, 7:30 PM, by Appointment – Fee $20
2nd Saturday, 2:00 PM, Extended Healing’s by Appointment – Fee $45