People Say About Us

Tal Lee

Intuitive Way has fundamentally changed my life. Reading allows me to honor my being by giving words to my needs, and validation to my reading. I have found my personal space - and personal peace - through reading. It has brought me so much healing Read More

Susan Chritton

I have loved the Intuitive Way classes over the years that I have taken them. Anne and David offer wisdom, solid training, and a wonderful sense of humor. I truly appreciate having Intuitive Way as a place I can go for meditation and intuitive training Read More

Robin deLeuze

The classes I have taken at Intuitive Way have allowed me to connect to my inner voice, my internal GPS - and have awareness of the noise and mind-chatter that can challenge me to disengage from my own personal information and answers. By having awareness Read More


I attended the Intuitive Training Program and Graduate Program in the late 90's when my life was falling apart. At times like these, we finally admit to ourselves that the old ways aren't working and we need reassess our lives. David and Anne helped me Read More


I have had readings from David and Anne for 10 years - this isn't because I need "fixing" in any way - I just find it immensely useful to explore a theme, events in my life, the direction of my work, relationships, times of change Read More

Jennifer Toll

I've been lucky enough to have been read by Anne for the last 16 years. My relationship with her has been the one true "north star" that keeps me on my path and validates my journey. She has seen me though all of my milestones Read More