The Relationship Series with David Pearce

3 weeks - $125

Saturday, June 6th, 13th & 20th, 10am-12pm. Week 1: Completing Relationships. Week2: Creating personal space in relationships. Week 3: Attracting relationships that heal and empower. It is on our relationships, all kinds, that we learn about ourselves, The parts we like and the parts we have difficulty accepting. You could say that our relationships reveal where we are in need of healing. The focus of tis 3 part workshop series is self-healing through guided meditation. Firstly we focus on the energetic process of releasing yourself from the energies of past relationships so that they no longer define who you are, or what you can have now. In the second workshop we focus on creating and being able to maintain more personal space in all relationships resulting in a more conscious responses rather then unconscious reactions to each other. Finally in the third workshop we will focus on affinity and increasing your power to attract relationships which validate who you are. Open to everyone. Fee: $125