Trust Your Gut

4 weeks - $175

With Sue Arlin and Renee Outlaw

Trust Your Gut

4- week Class With Sue Arlin and Renee Outlaw Saturdays June 5th – 25th 10am- 12pm (PST)

Cost- $175

Open to all experience levels 

It has been said that the Gut could have been seen as the human body’s second brain. It has an intelligence.In this  4-week class we will explore all the components of the Gut as energy. We will give a clairvoyant hello through intuitive meditation– from what we put into the mouth, to its journey through the various parts of the digestive system, and finally how it comes out the other end. By exploring this process we will get the chance to release past time energies that have been absorbed into the body through the digestive system, thus bringing in more of our light as a being to own and trust the body, using our own wisdom on how to nurture and care of it.

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