Wise Woman’s Healing Program

1 Year - $200 Per Month

** on hiatus for 2020.

Wise Woman: a woman versed in charms, conjuring and fortune telling.

The Wise Women’s Program creates the space to explore your individual journey as a spirit in a female body. Topics include female creative energy, female grounding, hormones, sexuality combined with healing, pampering and creative play.

The Program Curriculum Covers:
Your Female Creative Energy
Male & Female Energies -Yours & Others
Relationships – family, romantic, friends, work.
Spirit/Body Communication: Establishing a communication through meditation and clairvoyance with your Hormonal Female Body. this includes:
*Your Hormonal System – H.O.O.P-G Hypothalamus, Ovary Pituitary & Genetic Entity
*The P.E.T. Pie, hormonal balance
*The Endocrine system and the chakras
Emotions – Women’s Intuition – Female Radar
Life’s Phases – The Body and Being Clocks
Healing and Reading

Open to all women who have graduated from an Intuitive or Clairvoyant Training Program. The class involves 2 lectures a month, 2 readings session, and 2 healing clinics a month as well as attending the monthly Women’s Workshop. Can be attended online through ZOOM. Call Anne Pearce for more information 925-686-0543 or