Wise Woman’s Healing Program

1 Year - $200 Per Month

Wise Woman: a woman versed in charms, conjuring and fortune telling.

It is in the basic makeup of our female body’s ability to create another body that invokes specific and unique sensitivities, awareness and experiences. In this program, through meditations, healing and reading you will begin to explore your personal female intuition, sensitivity and most importantly increase your seniority and empowerment over your female space, your journey as a woman.

The Program Curriculum Covers:
Your Female Creative Energy
Male & Female Energies -Yours & Others
Relationships – family, romantic, friends, work.
Spirit/Body Communication: Establishing a communication through meditation and clairvoyance with your Hormonal Female Body. this includes:
*Your Hormonal System – H.O.O.P-G Hypothalamus, Ovary Pituitary & Genetic Entity
*The P.E.T. Pie, hormonal balance
*The Endocrine system and the chakras
Emotions – Women’s Intuition – Female Radar
Life’s Phases – The Body and Being Clocks
Healing and Reading

Open to all women who have graduated from an Intuitive or Clairvoyant Training Program. The class involves 2 lectures a month, 2 readings session, and 2 healing clinics a month as well as attending the monthly Women’s Workshop. Can be attended online through ZOOM. Call Anne Pearce for more information 925-686-0543 or