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Throughout time individuals on spiritual journeys have turned to oracles and seers for insight and guidance. While this is still true today, there are a growing number of people waking up to their own intuitive abilities and who are seeking guidance on how to manage them.

Intuitive Way was created to provide a grounded space, an accessible curriculum, and experienced guidance for individuals interested in exploring and developing their own intuitive awareness. We offer intuitive readings, spiritual healings, and classes in meditation and intuitive development.

intuition: spiritual insight or perception, instantaneous spiritual communications.
– New Shorter Oxford Dictionary

Intuition is the light of the soul, and all men by nature desire this knowledge.
– Meister Eckhart

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1By : Renee Outlaw

Our ability to focus and hold our attention on a task is key to its accomplishment. The fact that “Attention Deficit Disorder” is such a common diagnosis nowadays is an indication of the widespread problem we have in controlling our...

2By : Renee Outlaw

Someone who comes to Intuitive Way for a reading, a healing or a class is often in the grips of a dilemma. They are trying to make a choice about the direction of their life, and the choice appears to...

3By : Renee Outlaw

Don’t allow the limits of others to become your own. To some people “ the world is absolutely clear because they cannot understand that our personal point of view colors what we perceive; they think everything seems exactly the same...

4By : Renee Outlaw

“There is no private salvation; exchange with the other is the door to the final awareness of the unity of all in the love which is the dance of creation.” - Helen. M. Luke. The truth of Helen Luke’s statement...

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