Someone who comes to Intuitive Way for a reading, a healing or a class is often in the grips of a dilemma. They are trying to make a choice about the direction of their life, and the choice appears to be an either/or proposition. It is often expressed as a choice between wanting to live a ‘spiritual’ life, and the more mundane, but pressing concerns about how to survive in the material world. What has happened is that they have been inspired by an image. They saw themselves doing something they had not previously imagined as possible. It may have come to them while they were reading a book, or while they were working out, or even in a dream. Initially the inspiration is tremendously exciting and it opens the door to all kinds of other previously unthought of possibilities. But then they are faced with the problem of how do they turn this ‘dream’ into a reality. The problem with inspirations is that they are impractical and it is tempting to reject them the minute we become frustrated at our inability to manifest them. But inspirations won’t just disappear, they resurface and once again move us to consider the tantalizing possibilities they might bring to our lives. So we begin to live with this dilemma, do we risk everything and follow our hearts, or do we take the reasonable, safer, more practical route?

I think what we need most in this situation is the technique grounding as well as the patience to live with the image and all the questions it asks of us. Grounding frees us from the limitations of the either/or perspective by enabling us to cultivate awareness between the two so that, with time, the way we see ourselves and the world around us changes, and we begin to see a new way forward. You might think of the either/or dilemma as a representation of a dichotomy we are learning to have both ends of, in other words, I can live a spiritual life AND take care of my material concerns. It might be that through wrestling with this angel/devil we come to accept that we are spiritual beings regardless of what we do for a living, whether that is being a plumber or a poet, a hairdresser or a healer.

Changing the way we see our lives is the kind of internal change that initiates change in our external reality. It is the desire for that internal change that motivates a person to explore their intuition.