Don’t allow the limits of others to become your own.

To some people “ the world is absolutely clear because they cannot understand that our personal point of view colors what we perceive; they think everything seems exactly the same to everyone as it does to themselves. After all, they say, the world is utterly objective; it is plain before our eyes; therefore what the ordinary intelligent man {this is always themselves} sees is all there is to be seen, and anyone who sees differently is mad, or malign, or just plain stupid. “ – Robertson Davies.

When I read this passage I experienced the momentary elation which comes from hearing someone articulate something I have often thought about but been unable to express so clearly. In fact it speaks to the core of our work at Intuitive Way. When someone begins to recognize their intuition showing up in their life they will naturally, though perhaps not consciously, seek out validation for it. This is how most people find us. By getting a reading or taking a class they create space to integrate this awareness into their daily life. One of the challenges they often face as they learn to trust their intuition is running into someone who is described in the quote above. A person like this has a hard time allowing others to see the world differently. They will do their best to invalidate the “ heretic “ and cause them to doubt their way of seeing. They are not interested in a dialogue and understanding your perspective, only in asserting their own as the only possible one. It is a bit like experiencing your own little inquisition.

One of the concepts that we teach in our Meditation class can be summed up in the phrase, “ It’s not my problem. “ If someone is not open enough to consider your perspective that is their problem not yours. It reveals their inability to see things from a different angle. It is their inflexibility that is the problem. By recognizing this is their problem not yours you are able to separate energetically from their vibration, or “ stuckness “, and maintain your energy level and awareness. Too often people who are have an expansive and inclusive,i.e. generous, range of awareness are psychically bullied and invalidated by those with a narrow and exclusive, i.e. mean-spirited, level of awareness. Imagine the freedom and space you would enjoy if you did not take responsibility for this kind of problem.