September -Your Career-Work Space and Life Path

3 weeks - $145

with Renee Outlaw

Saturdays, 10a- 12p (PST)

The goal of  this 3-week class will be to bring these two spaces into alignment and communication with each other. We will learn to define a clearer vision of how our work aligns with our path or how our path aligns with our work– by using clairvoyant and creative meditation skills .

* a clairvoyant look at your life path. Where you have been, where you are and what is ahead

* a clairvoyant look at your career/workspace. What works, what doesn’t. 

* setting your own work space as energy

* mockups, havingness and your career

* mockups and your life path–“goals as a spirit”.

3- week Class


Open to all who have completed Intuitive Meditation 1 or similar curriculum

Class held over Zoom- same link weekly. If you are unable to make a class, you will be sent the recording.