Saturday Class in January 2022- Havingness- A Spiritual Tool

3 weeks - $150

Havingness- A Spiritual Tool

With Renee Outlaw 

Havingness is psychic lingo used to describe creating space for the things you want to bring into your life.  Another way to put it is your permission to have. 

We ask for permission from others but what about asking yourself the permission to have your goals in this body?

Oftentimes we try really hard to get it first and then have it. What if there is an easier way to experience and master this tool? 

In this 3 week class we will be expanding on December’s Miracles Mockup Class and exploring the spiritual tool of havingness, through clairvoyant mediations.  We will be unmatching from effort, old ways  of thinking and rules about how we manifest. We will be creating space to refine this tool and your mock-ups.

This class is open to all experience levels, and you don’t need to have taken the December class.

3 Weeks  

January 15th-29th 

Saturdays, 10a- 12p (PST)