Intuitive Training Program Part 1

4 Weeks - $175

Wednesday, November 3rd-24th from 7:30pm-9:30pm. (Pacific Time)

we hope this class will soon be offered both on zoom and in person. For now, only zoom.

Meditations on the layers of the aura, the chakras, boundaries, your ability to create change and owning your intuitive abilities.

  • 1st Chakra: the ability to connect to your body’s natural strength and wisdom.  Themes: persistence, wellness, ancestry, male/female energies.
  • 2nd Chakra: the ability to feel what others are feeling, and the energies in your environment.  Themes: discernment, neutrality to emotions, feeling and choice.
  • 3rd Chakra: the ability to direct your energy to accomplish goals and fulfill purpose.  Themes: personal power, healing the effects of energy bullies, controllers and competition.
  • 4th chakra: the communication between you the spirit and your body. Themes: self-image, affinity, attraction.
  • Prerequisite: Intuitive Meditation1 & 2