Saturdays in October 2021- Kundalini Healing Class

4 weeks - $175

With Renee Outlaw

In this 4 week class we will be creating space to take a clairvoyant look at the Kundalini. The 3 channels and how to turn it on and off. We will explore how our bodies’ healing energy “the Kundalini  plays a major role in our health, wellbeing and how we manage our days. We will be working with the Kundalini to release control and give space to allow it to show us the wisdom our bodies have while incorporating the  information we have as a soul to shed light on areas we wish to heal and bring back into balance or wholeness. One of the major goals of the 4 week class will be  to reclaim our personal power and ownership of our body and how we choose to care and heal it.

Saturdays, October 2nd- 23rd 10am- 12pm (PST)

Open to all who have completed the Intuitive Meditation 1 Class. (or Similar Curriculum)

Currently this class is scheduled to be held over zoom “same link weekly” Depending on how this current surge plays out, there may be an option to be both in person and on zoom.

If you have any questions please email Renee at