One to One Workshop-with Anne Pearce

Sunday, June 12th

From 10AM-12PM (PST)

Practice yout 1-1 meditative space and how it supports growth.

Requirement: Completed or in a 1-1 program

Fee: $50

Saturday Class in August – Women’s Energy Class

With Renee Outlaw

4- week Class

Saturdays, August 6th – 27th, 10am-12pm (Pacific)

This 4-week class offers tools and insights into the energies and sensitivities of the female body.

You will learn about female grounding, female creative energy, your female energy radar and other intuitive sensitivities and the role they play in your life, information essential for any intuitive woman.

Join us and connect to other sensitive, intuitive women. 

 Open to all women.

 This class comes with a free women’s reading  

Intuitive Touch Healing –

with Sue Arlin


With Sue ArlinSunday September 26th  2021.   From 1-3pm (PST) 

Open to everyone.

September, on Sunday the 26 th I will be teaching a workshop entitled,
RITUAL, HABIT OR ADDICTION? In this workshop, through meditation and healing, we will explore the different energy vibrations of rituals, habits and addictions and create space for finding a renewed sense of freedom.
This workshop is OPEN TO EVERYONE and will be offered online via zoom, and possibly in person for up to 10 people depending on the health guidelines at the time.

Please contact Sue Arlen for more information.


[email protected]

Saturday Class in July –Spiritual Wellness: Vacationing in your personal space.

Spiritual Wellness: Vacationing in your personal space.

With Renee Outlaw

July 9th-23rd

10AM-12PM (pacific time)

In this 3 week class we will engage our imagination like we did as children.

You will be learning to release responsibility and allow yourself to let loose and learn to bring in the vibration of play and vacation in your day to day life.

By actively engaging in your imagination this help you create the opportunity to open up to a number of possibilities like spiritual wellness, freedom,

or how to give to yourself as if you were on vacation.

Through clairvoyant meditations and healings you will also say hello to your affinity and self image,

and your ability to have and to be in the flow with the universe

Open to all experience levels 

3 Weeks  

July 9th-23rd

Saturdays, 10a- 12p (PST)


Free Workshop: Let’s Meditate: Find Personal Space, Create healthy boundaries

Wednesday, June 29th  7:30 – 8:30-ish PM(Pacific) 

If you are a spirit in a body, you have the intuitive skills used in aura reading.

At Intuitive Way we use this intuitive awareness for personal healing and evolvement, teaching those to find their own abilities, personal autonomy and spiritual freedom.

If you are interested in finding out more about how we teach people to connect and work with these sensitivities email Renee Outlaw at [email protected]

This work is open to all experience levels.

The Astral and Burning Man

I have been to burning man 3 years in a row. I have 2 dear friends that introduced me and helped me navigate my way there. One is a photographer and often photographs for burning man, the other has created a small art project on the playa for 10 years in a row. I got to work with her on that art when I was there.

I am a clairvoyant. A seer. We all have these abilities, they are the abilities of spirit. I began to learn how to work with mine for self healing 37 years ago. For the past 35 years I have been teaching others how to not only access these abilities but to manage these sensitivities and even grow and become more capable because of them.

This is what I do for a living. In a given day I show a soul how to see themselves and others as spirit. It is rewarding and challenging. I have done this with my husband everyday of my adult life.

When I first heard about BM I was thrilled. It sounded like there was something for me there. When it was time for me to go, I went for it. I packed my little truck and like Elly Mae, headed off for 8 days on the playa.

The 3 years I have attended have changed my life in so many ways. I don’t party, I don’t do drugs. rarely have a drink. I love riding my bike, I love the people and the art. I love the BM tenants, I am home there.

Recently I was teaching a class on the astral and the astral body. As we were looking at the levels of the astral and the many many playgrounds there I came upon a lovely awareness. Burning Man is levels of the astral plane manifest on earth. The freedom we experience at BM of radical inclusion. The expansive permission to push your boundaries and explore different things. As I was showing the class how to direct themselves to where they want to go to and what they want to explore on the astral it reminded me of reading through the huge book of events as BM. If you can think of it you can find it at BM. If you can think of it you can find it on the astral!

What an incredible space  we have created. Not that I was a part of creating it, but truly we all are a part in creating it. Each person that is inspired by this event in any way, has a part in it’s creation. My visits to the playa are over. For Now? Who can be sure. but I am following the directive to live BM here in your daily life, and that I try to remember. Radical inclusion, do what you want as long as it does no harm to others, share, explore beyond your boundaries, Have fun.

I trust you, I believe you

In a recent women’s healing night, I ran the healers through a healing on each other while Jane took the guests through a short meditation. I had the readers pick a partner and sit across form each other. One, the reader, sent a hello to that spirit sitting in the chair across from them. The first hello was vibrating at the energy of “I believe you”. Then they watched how that hello effected them. They did that a few times, watching the effect of each hello. Then they sent a new hello to that spirit sitting across from them filled with “I trust you” and watched the effect of that hello. It was amazing to watch the effect these 2 hellos had on these sensitive clairvoyant souls. Their bodies calmed down and they were able to be more present within themselves. That was this past Monday,

The following Wednesday morning I took my car in for an oil change. I chose this particular new car because i was told the service department was cleaning up it’s act. Once at the desk with the service writer, he said I was late bringing my car in. I was to come every 6,000 miles and it was 8,000 miles. I said I came when the sticker told me too. He headed over to the car to look at the sticker but it was no longer in the car. I took it down to make the appointment. I couldn’t believe he wanted me to prove what the sticker said. I was taken by surprise. I said I came then I was told. He said I was late. It was a stupid point, and quickly the emotions escalated. Him telling me no matter what my experience is the computer says I was wrong.  I became so overwhelmed with the emotion of not being heard, not being believed or trusted I just had to get out of there. Got to the parking lot and let out a primal scream.

Before this new car, I had a toyota. It had been in the lot a long time when I got it and even though brand new it staled in my driveway and I had to have the starter battery jumped by AAA. For a year I would tell the service tech at my oil change it was giving me a hard time starting and they would tell me it was fine. Finally I had David go in and tell them it wasn’t starting, exactly as I had for the past 12 months. and they immediately replaced the bad battery, no questions asked. I knew they just would never hear or believe me. “Well, did you put your foot on the break?” they asked every time.

This was not about the robot in the service department. This was about being believed. Being heard. It is a sensitive time. Women trusting they can tell their story and be believed, be heard. What made it easier for me to recover from this event was that my partner listened to me. He believed me. He didn’t have to fight for me or heal me. Just believe that I had this experience. That it was real to me. His listening to me and believing me let me let go and move forward. I believe you and I trust you is a powerful force.

End of the story, David picked up the car and the man apologized… David. Funny!




Online Intuitive Women’s Program

Second and Fourth Tuesday, 7pm-8:30pm. An ongoing program offering a sanctuary for intuitive women to get together for healing and meditations focusing on supporting you on your life journey. Open to all women who have completed an intuitive/clairvoyant program. The first Monday is an online healing clinic for the participants of the program.

Trance Medium Healing by Appointment


Call to schedule your appointment. A 30 minute appointment is $40.

Intuitive Touch Healing Program Class Part2